• Vaccum plating

    At one time, many device components were made of metal for electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, but the move to plastic offers a suitable alternative. To overcome the biggest weakness of plastic in attenuating electromagnetic interference, the lack of electrical conductivity, engineers ...
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  • The material of the reflector

    Normally, the light energy from the light source will radiate in a 360° direction. In order to effectively utilize the limited light energy, the lamp can control the illumination distance and illumination area of the main light spot through the light reflector. Reflective cup is a reflector that ...
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  • Vacuum plating

    Electroplating is the process of using electrolysis to deposit metal or alloy on the surface of the workpiece to form a uniform, dense and well bonded metal layer. Electroplating of plastic products has the following uses: L) corrosion protection L) protective decoration L) wear resistance L elec...
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  • Flashlight reflector

    Flashlight reflector

    The reflector refers to a reflector that uses a point light bulb as the light source and needs long-distance spotlight illumination. It is a kind of reflective device. In order to utilize the limited light energy, the light reflector is used to control the illumination distance and illumination a...
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  • Imaging Law and Function of Optical Lens

    Imaging Law and Function of Optical Lens

    Lens is an optical product made of transparent material, which will affect the wavefront curvature of light. It is a kind of device that can converge or disperse light. It is widely used in security, car lights, lasers, optical instruments and other fields. The function ...
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of LED optics

    Advantages and disadvantages of LED optics

    Ultra-thin lens, the thickness is small but the optical efficiency is low, about 70%~80%. TIR lens (total internal reflection lens) has thick thickness and high optical efficiency, up to about 90%. The optical efficiency of Fresnel lens is as high as 90%, which can lea...
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  • Cob light source

    Cob light source

    1. Cob is one of the LED lighting fixtures. Cob is the abbreviation of chip on board, which means that the chip is directly bound and packaged on the whole substrate, and N chips are integrated together for packaging. It is mainly used to solve the problems of manufactur...
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  • Temperature measurement of reflector

    Temperature measurement of reflector

    For the use of cob lamp beads, we will confirm the operating power, heat dissipation conditions and substrate temperature to ensure the normal operation of cob lamp beads; When using the reflective cup, we also need to consider the operating power, heat dissipation cond...
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  • Downlight and spotlight

    Downlight and spotlight

    Downlights and spotlights are two lamps that look similar after installation. Their common installation methods are embedded in the ceiling. If there is no research or special pursuit in lighting design, it is easy to confuse the concepts of the two, and then it is found...
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  • Optical Applications of Thiessen Polygons

    Optical Applications of Thiessen Polygons

    What is a Thiessen polygon?   Saxian Sen. Tyson polygon is also called Voronoi diagram (Voronoi diagram), named after Georgy Voronoi, is a special form of space division. Its internal logic is a set of continu...
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  • Introduction and application of reflector and lens

    ▲ Reflector 1. Metal reflector: it is generally made of aluminum and needs stamping, polishing, oxidation and other processes. It is easy to form, low cost, high temperature resistance and easy to be recognized by the industry. 2. Plastic reflector: it needs to be demoulded. It has high optical a...
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  • Pros and cons of reflector made of different materials

    Material Cost Optical accuracy Reflective efficiency Temperature Compatibility Deformation resistance Impact resistance Light pattern aluminium Low Low Low (Around70%) High Bad Bad Bad PC Middle High High  (90% up) Middle (120degree) Good Good Good Molding process Metal r...
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