Zero Glare: Make Lighting Healthier!

As people’s requirements for quality of life, healthy lighting is getting more and more attention.

1 Definition of glare:


Glare is the brightness caused by inappropriate brightness distribution in the field of vision, large brightness difference or extreme contrast in space or time. To give a simple example, the sun at noon and the light from the high beams of cars at night are glare. Glare can be simply understood as: dazzling light.

2 The hazards of glare

Glare is a common light pollution. When the human eye touches it, the retina will be stimulated, causing the feeling of vertigo. In addition, Glare belongs to strong light, and vision will be affected to some extent in a glare environment for a long time.

Indoor light sources are directly irradiated or reflected, and excessive or inappropriate brightness enters people’s eyes, which will also form glare.

In general, glare can cause glare, dizziness, irritability, anxiety, and disrupt the biological clock rhythm.

3 Zero Glare 


Controlling the glare of indoor lighting usually starts with the design of lamps. 1. The light source is hidden in the deep tube, and the dazzling bright light is hidden in the lamp body; 2. The reflector is used to filter the glare twice; 3. Increase the shading angle to effectively improve the quality and comfort of light, and create a healthier environment. lighting environment.


Post time: Feb-28-2023