Wall Washer

Usually, the ceiling wall washer is installed in a tilted posture to make the embedded dimming light-emitting surface face the preset irradiation surface. The light beams emitted from the inner part of the light-emitting end are easily blocked by the ring structure of the lamp, which results in a small light pattern area and poor light pattern quality on the final preset irradiation surface, and high glare.

Therefore, Shinland has launched a new wall washer SL-X MuGuang Wall Washer.

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Embedded installation,

The starting light pattern of wall washing is aligned with the top of the ceiling

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Low glare & high light efficiency

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Wall washing ratio

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Patents protect innovation

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The MuGuang Wall Washer washes out a uniform light pattern like a curtain through precise light control. When embedded, the light-emitting end is aligned with the top of the ceiling, and the light pattern distribution ratio of wall washing is 1 (distance from the wall): 3.5 (height): 1.8 (width) In scene applications, the anti-glare effect of the MuGuang Wall Washer is lower than that of conventional polarized wall washing products.

Post time: Oct-21-2023