SL-X Wall Washer Anti-Glare Trim

The ceiling wall washer anti-glare trim needs to be installed obliquely in order to make the light pattern towards the preset irradiation surface. Part of the light pattern is easily blocked by the ring structure of the luminaire, resulting in a small spot area and poor spot quality on the preset irradiation surface. High glare. In this regard, Shinland has launched a new wall washer anti-glare trim SL-X wall washer anti-glare trim    

wsdf (1)

Embedded installation, the light spot is flush with the ceiling.

wsdf (2)

Low glare & high light efficiency

wsdf (3)

Wall washing ratio: 1:3.5:1.8

wsdf (4)

The wall washer anti-glare cover can wash out uniform light spots through precise light control, when embedded, the light output end is cut flat with the top of the ceiling, and the light spot distribution ratio of the wall washer is 1:3.5:1.8.

In scene applications, the anti-glare effect of the new wall washer anti-glare trim is lower than that of conventional wall washer products.

Post time: Jan-03-2023