Shinland Strength

Shinland Optical is a company with 20+ years experience in lighting field.Shinland Started up in 1996, In 2013 our headquarter was setup in Shenzhen China,In 2018, we bought 10000㎡plant in Dongguan, China.After then we focus our effort in providing lighting optics solution to our customer with advance and innovative technologies. Now, our service include business lighting, home lighting, outdoor lighting, automotive lighting, stage lighting and special lighting etc.


Mould machining accuracy

Vacuum plating accuracy

Auto Plastic Molding Machine

Coating layer reflectivity


Shinland Strength

Shinland Optical is a company with 20+ years experience in lighting field......

Quality Control

Nata passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification......

Production Capabilities

Shinland has introduced advanced equipment for better reduction optical......