Mold team
Mold equipment

Mold Team

Shinland has a professional mold team, from mold structure, mold manufacturing has a rigorous management system, to ensure product quality.

Optical Detection

Shinland has advanced optical testing equipment to ensure product quality and accuracy.

Mold Equipment

Shinland has sophisticated mold equipment, which can restore the effect of optical design to a greater extent.

Mold Team2
Mold Team
Mold Team4

Germany imported 5-axis CNC machine tools

5 axis linkage, the best machining range without dead Angle. Over 40000 rotating speed brings perfect smoothness of machined surface. The whole fuselage is cooled to eliminate errors caused by thermal expansion and contraction. The overall machining accuracy reaches the industry-leading 2um.

Germany imported 5-axis CNC machine tools

Direct CNC equipment polishing, to achieve design and mold tolerance, show the best optical design.

Germany Zeiss three-dimensional testing equipment

The granite machine table forms a solid structural base for the measuring machine. The four-sided Zeiss air bearing ensures better stability and measurement accuracy. 1um detection error, accurate measurement of tooling processing parts.


Optic Design

Shinland has a professional and experienced team of optical development......

R&D Team

Shinland foucs on the optical design,we have obtained 38 patents......


Shinland has a professional mold team, from mold structure......