The 20 Series Reflectors

SL-X Reflector-The dimensions of the exterior structure
The 20 Series Reflectors-Positioning of the Lamp and Aluminum substrate
1.Suggested Lamp:3030
2.Maximum power of a single Lamp:≦ 1W
3.Tolerance range:+/- 0.1 mm
4.Specified Screw:M2.5
A reference for the design of the spacing between the 20 series reflector
Design of the overflow area
1. Because the X series reflector is a non-fully encapsulated design, some light will be reflected through the reflector and directly emitted,
resulting in overflow or glare, so we provide a solution for the luminaire for reference.
2.The design of the relevant parameters is only for the protection of the optical effect, and the rest of the appearance can be freely
3.If there are applications that do not require special treatment of light or glare, this design can be omitted.
A reference for the design of the 20A overflow
20A luminaire simulates illuminance value
1.Wall Size:height 3M× width 4M
2.Luminaire installation location: Ceiling
3.The distance between the luminaire and the wall: 1M
4.The output luminous flux of a single :100 lm (3030)