Lens is a common light accessories, the most classic standard lens is the conical lens, and most of these lenses rely on TIR lenses.

What is TIR Lens?

Torch Reflector Lens


TIR refers to "Total Internal Reflection", that is, total internal reflection, also known as total reflection, is an optical phenomenon. When light enters from a medium with a higher refractive index to a medium with a lower refractive index, if the incident angle is greater than a certain critical angle θc (the light is far away from the normal), the refracted light will disappear, and all the incident light will be reflected and Do not enter medium with low refractive index.

TIR lens is made by using the principle of total reflection to collect and process light. Its design is to use penetrating spotlight in the front, and the tapered surface can collect and reflect all the side light, and the overlap of these two kinds of light can get perfect light pattern.

The efficiency of TIR lens can reach more than 90%, and it has the advantages of high utilization rate of light energy, less light loss, small light collecting area and good uniformity.

The main material of TIR lens is PMMA (acrylic), which has good plasticity and high light transmittance (up to 93%).

Tinting Plastic Lenses

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