Optical News

  • COB Reflector in Downlight

    COB Reflector in Downlight

    Reflector acts on long-distance spot illumination. It can use limited light energy to control the light distance and light area of the main light spot. The reflector can affect the LED lighting quality of the important reflective device. ...
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  • LED street light

    LED street light

    LED street light is an important part of road lighting, also shows a city's level of modernization and cultural taste. Lens is an indispensable accessory for street lights. It can not only gather divergent light sources together, so that light can be distributed in a reg...
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  • LED Optical Lighting

    LED Optical Lighting

    At present, most of the lighting in commercial places come from COB lens and COB reflectors. LED lens can achieve different applications according to different Optical. ► Optical lens material The materials used in optical l...
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  • Application of Tunnel Lamp

    Application of Tunnel Lamp

    According to the several visual problems of tunnels that we have introduced before, higher requirements are put forward for tunnel lighting. To effectively deal with these visual problems, we can go through the following aspects. ...
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  • Energizer’s TAC-300 EDC 2 LED Light Set -

    Energizer’s TAC-300 EDC 2 LED Light Set -

    Amazon is now offering the Energizer TAC-300 EDC 2-pack with Prime Shipping for $10.80 or on orders over $25. Don’t forget to cut off the coupons on the page at this price. Usually valued at $24, this 55% discount marks a new all-time low and the first significant price drop. Each of these ...
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  • Coating


    TEHRAN, 31 August (MNA) — Researchers from the University of Science and Technology MISiS (NUST MISiS) have developed a unique technique for applying protective coatings to critical components and parts of modern technology. Scientists from the Russian University MISIS (NUST MISIS) claim that the...
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