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  • LED street light

    LED street light

    LED street light is an important part of road lighting, also shows a city's level of modernization and cultural taste. Lens is an indispensable accessory for street lights. It can not only gather divergent light sources together, so that light can be distributed in a reg...
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  • LED Optical Lighting

    LED Optical Lighting

    At present, most of the lighting in commercial places come from COB lens and COB reflectors. LED lens can achieve different applications according to different Optical. ► Optical lens material The materials used in optical l...
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  • Application of Tunnel Lamp

    Application of Tunnel Lamp

    According to the several visual problems of tunnels that we have introduced before, higher requirements are put forward for tunnel lighting. To effectively deal with these visual problems, we can go through the following aspects. ...
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  • Functions of Tunnel Lamp

    Functions of Tunnel Lamp

    Led Tunnel lamps are mainly used for tunnels, workshops,  warehouses, venues, metallurgy and various factories, and are most suitable for urban landscape, billboards, and building facades for beautifying lighting. Factors considered in tunnel lighting design inc...
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  • Shinland Dark light Reflector

    Shinland Dark light Reflector

    In recent years, with the development of national policies and technologies, the LED intelligent lighting industry has developed rapidly. the dimming and color matching applications of intelligent lighting are favored by many consumers. In order to better meet the needs ...
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  • Magnetic Linear Reflector

    Magnetic Linear Reflector

    Shinland Magnetic Linear Reflector can solve common market problems. 1.Sizes of products are different in the Market. 2.The light patter ...
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  • High quality lighting-the color rendering of COB

    High quality lighting-the color rendering of COB

    There are many kinds of light sources, their spectral characteristics are different, so the same object in different light sources of the irradiation, will show different colors, this is the color rendering of the light source. Usually, people are used to the color diffe...
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  • Lighting Solutions without Master Luminaire

    Lighting is very important for the interior. In addition to the lighting function, it can also create a space atmosphere and improve the sense of spatial hierarchy and luxury. The traditional re...
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  • LED Vehicle Light Reflector

    Regarding car lights, we generally pay attention to the number of lumens and the power. It is generally believed that the higher the "lumen value", the brighter the lights! But for LED lights, you can't just refer to the lumen value. The so-called lumen is a physical uni...
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  • Pros and cons of reflector made of different materials

    Material Cost Optical accuracy Reflective efficiency Temperature Compatibility Deformation resistance Impact resistance Light pattern aluminium Low Low Low (Around70%) High Bad Bad Bad PC Middle High High  (90% up) Middle (120degree) Good Good Good Molding process Metal r...
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  • Installation and cleaning of optical lenses

    Installation and cleaning of optical lenses

    In the lens installation and cleaning process, any bit of sticky material, even nail marks or oil droplets, will increase the lens absorption rate, reduce the service life. Therefore, the following precautions must be taken: 1. Never install lenses with bare fingers. Glo...
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  • What’s the difference between optical lenses and Fresnel lenses

    What’s the difference between optical lenses and Fresnel lenses

    Optical lenses are thicker and smaller; Fresnel lenses are thin and large in size. Fresnel lens principle is French physicist Augustine. It was invented by AugustinFresnel, which transformed spherical and aspherical lenses into light and thin planar shape lenses to achie...
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